Our History

Strong Flowers is a woman-led, women's rights organization established in 2015. The goal is to improve sexual and reproductive health knowledge and the emergence of gender equality as a living concept for everyone across the nation. People with multicultural backgrounds learn together that the body is more similar than different, leading to a deeper understanding of gender equity and equality through holistic approaches such as gender, rights, and science-based sexual health knowledge.

Our Vision

Emergence of gender equality in every system starting from home to national levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to gather people from different backgrounds to learn and understand humanist values through a comprehensive understanding of sexual and reproductive health.

Darah Community Learning Center (Mawlamyine)

Basic Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Training, Darah Learning Center, Mon State.

Adolescents SRHR class, Inwa Myanmar Music School, Mandalay.

Our Values

- Inclusiveness

We commit to educating everyone regardless of social and cultural beliefs, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, and social and economic status.

- Equity

To enable everybody to access the same level of rights and knowledge in sexual and reproductive health.

- Respects

To transmit strong humanist values

- Confidentiality

Create trust and privacy among participants

What We Do

Over the past few years, local women’s organizations have come together to advance women’s status in the community. Through joint educational workshops, forums, research, and collaborative public actions, we have taken crucial steps in addressing some of the most intractable challenges faced by women and girls. Strong Flowers has enabled individuals regardless of gender, race, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation to gain understanding and ownership of their bodies and stresses everyone’s right to accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and rights and make informed decisions in their own lives.

Introduction to sexual and reproductive health and rights class, Myanmar Women self-defense Center, Yangon.